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South Dakota spent half a million dollars to proclaim: "Meth. We're on it"

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South Dakota recently unveiled an advertising campaign aimed at both bringing awareness to drug abuse while highlighting both the need for inclusivity and an all-hands-on-deck approach to tackling the epidemic within their state. Sounds good to us. This subject really requires a massive destigmatization effort if we’re to even begin getting a handle on it in any modern, effective sense. So let’s see what their PR consultants cooked up to tackle the scourge of methamphetamine trafficking...


“Meth. We’re on it.” Huh. Well, that’s...certainly one way to go about this. Call us hopped up on jazz cigarettes, but layering a play on words about drug abuse and community responsibility atop what’s presumably a Shutterstock image titled “Cowboy Grandpa” doesn’t really inspire us with much confidence. Okay, how about we check out some of the other ads released?

Oh, so the same thing with additional stock photo wallpapering? Well, at least it wasn’t too much of a money pit for national program already financially stretched-thin as it is...


Wait, it cost South Dakota half a million dollars to roll these out? Goddamnit, what are they? High?

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