If anything about DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Cortez Way’s recent troubles with the law can be described as “convenient,” it’s the fact that the rapper was released from a Georgia jail in time to promote the fuck out of his new, straight-to-DVD movie, the cryptically titled Soulja Boy: The Movie. Way’s first, tweeted words to his fans, after being released from Carol County Jail on a $10,000 bond: “Soulja Boy The Movie,” followed by several retweets and an appreciative note to the fans that gathered outside the jail, then the Amazon link for… Soulja Boy: The Movie. (His post-release tweets weren’t all self-motivated: For good measure, Way threw in a nod to his fellow trending topic, the CNN-Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate.) Given the fact that Way’s rise to hip-hop prominence was based in part on a constant social-networking presence, his online hustle for Soulja Boy: The Movie isn’t exactly uncharacteristic—but if you’re the Carol County prosecutin’ type, you might also see it as Soulja Boy working to make up for the three guns, five-plus ounces of pot, and $46,000 cash that were seized from his vehicle Tuesday morning. Dude should probably start at-replying some decent legal representation in between publicity surges. [The Hollywood Reporter]