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Sorry, you can't have these awesome Breaking Bad shoes

Illustrator Jon Defreest is the foremost online peddler of awesome shit that you can’t have, because it only exists in his pop-culture-addled mind. From “I Just Blue Myself” and “All Of The Bacon And Eggs You Have” Ben & Jerry’s flavor mock-ups to the only (spoiler-y!) Gus Fring Halloween mask you’ll ever need to Ron Swanson’s Turf ’n’ Turf frozen dinner, the products that emerge from Defreest’s mind and Wacom tablet are the we-wish-it-were-real stuff A.V. Club Gift Guides are made out of. Today he decided to taunt us even further with these Breaking Bad-ified Chuck Taylor All Stars he created for Tauntr.com, along with Walking Dead and Dexter-inspired designs.


Yes, they’re totally badass, and no, you can’t have them, because they’re just concepts… for now. Maybe if we all tweet-bomb Converse, we can make them a reality.

[via Buzzfeed]

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