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Having already taken its toll on our relationships with our families, our government, and, in many ways, ourselves, Facebook has now accidentally set its sights on our love-lives, too. Select/All reports that the social media giant continued a pretty lousy run of weeks today by apparently temporarily bringing down Tinder, the swipe-based dating app that allows users to judge other human beings as romantic prospects with near-Zuckerbergian efficiency.

The problem apparently stems from Facebook’s latest efforts to patch the sorts of holes that let political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica snarfle up almost 100 million users’ data during the 2016 election, a massive scandal that will soon see CEO Mark Zuckerberg taking his big apology tour to Congress. The updates to the service’s API and data protection policies apparently caused some sort of looping bug with Tinder’s attempts to log in to the service to verify users, leaving numerous love-seekers out in the cold, permanently swupped left.


Facebook said earlier today that it was working with Tinder to correct the problem. Reports that the company then immediately stepped backwards into a bucket of paint, tripped into a pile of manure, and then leaned over and tore the butt of its jeans right open—all in front of its old high school crush—remain unconfirmed.

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