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Sorry, stoners: Chuck Lorre is developing “The Big Bang Theory of weed”

The Big Bang Theory

Ensuring that stoners can now indulge in the same mix of laugh track-assisted recognition and annoyed pandering that greets nerds every time they tune into Chuck Lorre’s The Big Bang Theory, the TV impresario has announced that he’s about to turn his hit-making eye on the wide and wonderful world of weed. According to Deadline, the Two And A Half Men inflictor is shopping around “the most anticipated comedy spec script this winter,” an ensemble sitcom set at a legal pot dispensary in Colorado.

As yet untitled, the show will center around a group of potheads who while away the hours by trading semi-specific marijuana references, Borscht Belt-era jokes, and a smidge of romantic tension. (To be fair, those are guesses, with only a 90 percent chance of turning out to be absolutely true.) If the show makes it to the funky-smelling air (break for applause, laughter, another million dollars in syndication fees), it’ll be Lorre’s fourth show on TV at the moment; besides Big Bang, he’s also got Mike & Molly and Mom, all of which currently reside on CBS.


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