Photo: Frank Ockenfels / AMC

It looks like the great American TV drama about running a restaurant that is also sort of a crime series still has yet to be made, because AMC has canceled Feed The Beast after just one season. The show, which received mediocre reviews from outlets like The A.V. Club, struggled to find its audience; Deadline reports that its debut drew just half the numbers of its lead-in, the more buzzed-about Preacher.

Starring David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess as best friends who decide to follow their dream of opening a restaurantā€”with dramatic results, because watching people clean grease traps and keep diligent daily sales reports doesnā€™t make for exciting TVā€”Feed The Beast was based on a Danish series called Bankerot. Itā€™s also one of only a handful of AMC series thatā€™s failed to make it to season two, along with Rubicon and Low Winter Sun, the latter of which was based on a British series. So perhaps the lesson here is that a hit in Europe doesnā€˜t necessarily mean a hit in the U.S.ā€”after all, they watch hours and hours of people knitting and riding trains over there.