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Sorry, Pusha T: Demi Adejuyigbe already has the definitive remix of the Succession theme

Photo: Graeme Hunter (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, HBO announced that it had commissioned rapper Pusha T to do a remix of the theme song from Succession—which you might know from, well, being the TV show theme song to Succession, and also roughly 8 million “pop culture so-and-so dances to the theme from Succession memes. But much like the cutthroat world of international commerce/publishing/relentlessly stabbing your siblings in the back, the music game is all about speed. And so we’re happy to report that the “definitive remix of the Succession song” niche has already been pretty conclusively been filled, courtesy of long-time A.V. Club favorite Demi Adejuyigbe.


Well known for his remixes of the movie theme songs of such hits as Green Book, Infinity War, Black Panther, and many more, Adejuyigbe applies his signature “fuck the subtext” approach to songwriting, boiling down Succession to its most prominent theme: Who’s gonna get that kiss from daddy?

It’s Adejuyigbe’s most elaborate (non-September-based) production to date, featuring lots of layered lyrics, and also a lot of questions about who the heck Daddy Logan is eventually going to kiss. Now all we need is for someone to remix Kendall’s own rap from the show into Adejuyigbe’s version, and the cycle of Succession will finally be complete. Meanwhile, Pusha T’s version of the theme song won’t be out until Friday, by which point, we gotta ask: Will music even exist anymore?

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