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Sorry, muggles: You can't stream Harry Potter anywhere now

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While its creator can’t seem to keep a tight lid on her trashy, ill-informed opinions, the Harry Potter franchise still has a bit of a stronghold on those who have long adored it. We get it: Quitting anything can be tough. But now that the Harry Potter films are officially off of all streaming platforms, there is no better time for a clean break.


Per SlashFilm, that fancy streaming deal that HBO Max solidified (just before the platform’s May launch, mind you) expired back in August and with the franchise’s recent departure from Peacock (where it resided for one whole month), the only way to catch the The Boy Who Lived is during one of the many movie marathons that occur on cable. The constant shuffling can be attributed to the franchise’s tricky broadcasting and cable deal with NBCUniversal, which is in play until 2025. The deal dictates that the eight Harry Potter films have to be shown alongside the Fantastic Beasts slate on Syfy and USA Network. Once it expires, WarnerMedia may try to acquire the rights again. Until then, you have the perpetual gift of physical media, the grace of cable, or the highly recommended option of watching just about anything else.

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