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Sorry, Joe Biden: Aubrey Plaza is Delaware's most famous person

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Ah, Delaware: Land of relative smallness, the former DuPont Chemicals (now DowDuPont, Inc.), and a lot of big claims about being the first state to join the United States. (It’s even right there in theirnickname, the braggy bastards.) Despite its general teensiness, though, Delaware has the same claim to the eventually famous as any other American state, including folks like former Vice President Joe Biden, actress Elisabeth Shue, and Henry Heimlich, he of the eponymous life-saving maneuver. None of those people managed to top Delaware Online’s unofficial poll of the state’s most famous person, though, something that actual winner Aubrey Plaza is unlikely to let any of them forget.

The Parks And Recs and Legion star came out well ahead of her next-nearest competitor, long-dead jazz musician Clifford Brown. (Take that, “Easy Living.”) Plaza responded to the honor in an extremely Audrey Plaza way, taunting former 36-year-senator Biden—who somehow only came in sixth—via Twitter, and telling Delaware Online, “I’m so honored and incredibly surprised. But deep down, I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. I feel empty inside.”

Admittedly, the poll only sampled about 750 people—a mere 95 percent of the state’s recorded population. (But we kid Delaware, and its nearly 1 million residents.) Still, Plaza’s win was pretty definitive, pulling in 42 percent of all of the votes. She pledged to use her newfound power for good: “My goal is to put Delaware on the map for something other than that stupid ‘90s Wayne’s World reference everyone quotes to me whenever I tell them where I’m from,” she noted while accepting the award.

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