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Sorry, Jake: Chucky's getting a remake

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Realizing that you can never have too many murderous, Brad Dourif-voiced dolls possessed by the souls of psychopathic serial killers—or, you know, things current adults remember and have vague nostalgia for from back when they were kids—MGM is reportedly putting a Child’s Play remake into production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this latest reboot of a popular horror franchise is being directed by Norwegian Lars Klevberg, whose feature debut, Polaroid, had its recent release swallowed up by the ongoing problems at The Weinstein Co.


Although it’s since been extended out into a truly bizarre series of farce-heavy horror comedies—and an occasional throwback to legitimately good horror, like last year’s direct-to-DVD Cult Of Chuckythe basic Child’s Play principle is pretty simple: Bad guy dies, bad guy’s soul gets transplanted into a  hideous red-haired doll, nobody believes little kid when bad guy tries to kill people and steal his body. That last note is where the first, primarily horror-focused film drew most of its terror, as pint-sized hero Andy was rendered powerless not so much by the talents of his murderous plastic opponent, as by the fact that nobody ever listens to kids.

MGM is reportedly fast-tracking the project; It’s David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are set to produce. Meanwhile, if you need a primer on Chucky’s various voodoo-based evils, our own Alex McLevy subjected himself to the entire franchise for an installment of Run The Series last year.

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