It has become clear this year that people will believe just about anything they encounter on social media. Thus we must sadly report that Fisher-Price, a trusted toy manufacturer since 1930, did not risk its reputation by marketing a Happy Hour Playset™, complete with kid-size bar, stools, and bottles. As incredible as this would be, especially for anyone wanting to stage an all-toddler version of Barfly or Trees Lounge, it’s not true. The image of this supposed toy made the rounds on Facebook but, upon closer inspection, is a fake. Nevertheless, it was convincing enough to capture the attention of furious parents, some of whom voiced their discontent on Facebook. The toy company felt obliged to issue an official response: “Please know that this product is not endorsed, produced or approved by Fisher-Price.”

America can relax knowing that Fisher-Price is not trying to convince the babies of the world to start drinking. Facebook will do that well enough on its own, anyway.


[via WGN]