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Sorority Noise takes aim at an “Art School Wannabe”

On its debut album Forgettable, Connecticut’s Sorority Noise housed its pop-focused punk under a self-deprecating title. Though it gave people an obvious route for criticism, the band‘s gooey melodies made any potential punchlines feel like cheap shots. On June 16 Topshelf Records will release the band’s second album, and though Joy, Departed lacks a self-effacing title, the songs themselves only build on the hooks of the group’s Forgettable era. The A.V. Club is streaming the first song from Joy, Departed—“Art School Wannabe”—ahead of Joy, Departed’s release. In it, Sorority Noise shaves off its punk roots to make space for jangling Britpop, a move that’s decidedly collegiate.

Pre-orders for Joy, Departed are available now via Topshelf Records.


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