Now that the body is cold on The Sopranos, it's time to grieve in that most honored of American traditions: Picking the bones and divvying up the estate. Most recently, we've seen the attempts of the owner of the show's fictional Satriale's hangout to sell the TV landmark one brick at a time. Now comes perhaps one of the most ill-advised tie-ins ever: Joseph "Vito" Gannascoli's "Cue To Die For." While Gannascoli has marketed other, less controversial things under the "To Die For" label (including his novel A Meal To Die For and a line of cigars), the fact that his ousted-for-being-homosexual character was bludgeoned to death with a pool cue has outraged some who see it as an endorsement of anti-gay violence. As reported by TV Week (and linked on Defamer), now the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has publicly condemned Gannascoli for "using such a vulgar symbol of violence and anti-gay bigotry to make a profit," which means you should probably order one right now to put on eBay later.