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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Soothe yourself with the sounds of Mark Wahlberg losing it, again and again

Few actors can get as beautifully, wonderfully angry on screen as Mark Wahlberg. There’s a nasaly vulnerability to his rage, a shocked sense of hurt at the idea that anyone would have the temerity to piss Mark Wahlberg off. “If you would all just leave me alone,” his eyes say as his fist slams into a wall, “everything would be okay for Mark Wahlberg.” But they never do.


This supercut, put together by Yahoo! Movies, will let you bask in the warm glow of Mark Wahlberg’s ire as he vents his righteous anger on little bitches, worthless pieces of shit, and lace-curtain motherfuckers. Some of Wahlberg’s best moments come from comedies, actually, like The Other Guys and Pain & Gain, where the directors clearly realized that there aren’t a lot of things funnier than Mark Wahlberg’s Boston accent going higher and higher, launched ever skyward on a rocket of pure Wahlbergian umbrage.

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