As a fitting tribute to a guy who rarely lived on Earth, Swedish video game company Mind Ark will release the massively multiplayer online game Planet Michael next year, which allows fans to step inside “an immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael’s music, his life, and the global issues that concerned him.” Finally, an improved digital upgrade to your musty, analog Michael Jackson Mourning Parlor, where you’ve been holed up since 2008 immersing yourself in the Official Michael Jackson Opus and flailing against your Official Michael Jackson Mourning Posters And Collector’s Plates. And this one has global issues!

Once they’ve arrived on Planet Michael, players “will be able to collect and trade virtual Jackson merchandise, and earn credits by performing challenges related to his music and dance moves”—but don’t worry: “As in other virtual worlds, players can replenish their game accounts using real money” with proceeds going to the ever-expanding Jackson estate. And in the virtual world or otherwise, that remains the best way to immerse yourself in Michael Jackson.