His action film co-stars Bruce Willis and Antonio Banderas may have experimented with translating their particular brand of masculinity to pepper-infused musks, but Sylvester Stallone cannot be bottled, nor diluted into wispy clouds of fragrance that dissipate in the air. A man must purely drape himself in Stallone, which is why he’s launching his own line of clothing for those of discerning taste, predilection for lavender, and love of dressing like a Donnie Brasco extra.

In an interview with Men’s Week, Stallone revealed that his forthcoming line will be inspired by his characters Rocky and Rambo—not necessarily in a tank tops and porkpie hats and indiscriminate blood stains kind of way, but in the sense that “Rocky at the end of the day is a love story, while Rambo showcases the other side of masculinity, he's a loner,” as Stallone says, constantly. “So the line will offer looks for 'the rebel and the gentleman,’” he adds, which will be translated to a range of clothing and accessories that so far includes jeans, shirts, outerwear, watches, and even underwear—underwear that will also presumably come in styles for the gentleman (with a pocket square) and the rebel (with your dick hanging out). Eventually Stallone also plans to incorporate athletic shoes, activewear, eyewear, grooming products, and yes, also fragrance. No headbands, so far.