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Chris Pratt is a Lego, again. We’re not talking about the sequel to The Lego Movie, but about the unveiling of the Jurassic World Lego set over at Mashable. The set includes Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, complete with snazzy gamekeeper vest and perpetual starter beard. It also features what looks to be Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, clad in white and donning a haircut so bold that it could only belong to someone who creates dinosaurs in a lab and then lets humans pet them. The set also includes an emergency dinosaur transport vehicle and a motorcycle for single-take Lego action scenes, as well as two raptors. The dinosaurs are both wearing harnesses on their heads which appear to have GoPros attached. Either that, or they’re laser cannons. That would be cool.

Last November, we had a quick peek at the Lego version of the film’s new monster, the D-Rex. However, so developed is the D-Rex’s ability to camouflage itself that its Lego likeness has seemingly disappeared from the Internet (and been replaced by a plea from Universal for people to stop leaking stuff). But life, or in this case, Google finds a way, and determined dinosaur hunters probably can still catch a glimpse of the Lego beast with just a few keystrokes.


Lego will show its Jurassic World set at Toy Fair 2015, which runs this weekend in New York City. The set will hit stores in May, giving fans roughly one month to create their own movie before Colin Trevorrow’s version comes out on June 12.

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