DC's Justice League

Now that George Miller has reminded everyone he is one of the world’s foremost purveyors of action movies, interest has been renewed in one of the director’s most high-profile failed projects. In 2007, Warner Bros. announced that it had hired Miller to make a Justice League movie before getting cold feet and pulling the plug, perhaps fearing it would be too awesome. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a documentary is being produced detailing the rise and fall of Miller’s superhero project. Much like the recent Jodorowsky’s Dune, the documentary will allow viewers to spend a couple hours listening to people talk about how cool the movie they never made would’ve been, an experience you’ve likely missed since smoking all that weed during Cinema Studies class sophomore year.

Tentatively titled Miller’s Justice League Mortal—after the planned title of Miller’s film, not that his project was mortal by dint of it being killed—the film will address everything you could want to know about the aborted movie. Directed by Australian Ryan Unicomb, the documentary will explore in depth the superhero team-up that Warner Bros. has repeatedly tried to make in recent years, until finally resigning itself to letting Zach Snyder film two hours of slo-mo punching.


Reasons for the Miller film not going forward reportedly include Christopher Nolan (then in the middle of his Batman trilogy) not being happy about another big-screen version of his character getting made, along with a budget that quickly soared above projections. Miller actually had an entire cast put together, however, including: Armie Hammer as Batman; DJ Cotrona as Superman; Megan Gale as Wonder Woman; Common as Green Lantern; and Adam Brody as The Flash, among others. Below is a picture of nearly his entire cast assembled back in 2007. Gaze upon it, and let your mind wander into the realm of what might have been. Then be glad it didn’t happen, because we might not have Mad Max: Fury Road if it had.