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Soon, you can send the world’s greatest pastrami anywhere in the world

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Katz’s, the legendary Manhattan delicatessen and purveyor of unquestionably the world’s finest pastrami, has in its 129 years earned its rightful place among New York’s most-visited landmarks. And those who can’t make it to its Lower East Side location need not fret—the restaurant has found success shipping its meats nationwide. (Its circa-World War II slogan implored customers to “send a salami to your boy in the Army.”) Which is fine if you’re a pastrami/corned beef lover in these 50 United States, but until now those outside the country were left to fend off their cravings themselves.

Soon, according to the Wall Street Journal, Katz’s will be available to citizens of the world. The delicatessen will soon be building a 30,000-square feet facility in New Jersey to expand its worldwide business, and will begin shipping to Canada and Mexico by the end of this year, and globally sometime in 2018. Katz’s owner Jake Dell told the Journal he’s also considering to open in different cities outside New York, naming Washington, D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia as options. In the meantime, you can have a 5-pound slab of fatty, peppery, crusty Katz’s pastrami shipped to your doorsteps for $100, and recreate the When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene from the comforts of your home.

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