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Yahoo! News reports that, after a weeks-long saga that we reported on at the time and aren’t going to get into here, Sony will release its beleaguered North Korea comedy The Interview on DVD and Blu-ray on February 17. This news should be well-received by the people who concocted a scheme to airdrop copies of the film over North Korea, where it would presumably inspire the people to rise up, forcefully overthrow Kim Jong-Un, and install Seth Rogen and James Franco as co-dictators for life. (Those North Koreans who have seen The Interview weren’t that into it, by the way.)


The so-called “freedom edition” of The Interview will include 90 minutes of bonus content, including 14 deleted scenes, seven minutes of bloopers, and eight “featurettes,” including something called “Dating A Dictator” that promises an authoritarian take on the dating-profile video. Based on the title of the DVD, it appears that Sony is betting that patriotic goodwill towards the movie, which helped The Interview earn a record-setting $31 million in online rentals, will continue to carry it through the home-video stage. It better hope so, anyway, because it might soon need the extra money.

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