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Sony to make people read The Last Of Us script on stage

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The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog’s post fungal-apocalypse drama, has been showered with just about every possible accolade and award a video game can hope to receive (including the most cherished of all, being named The A.V. Club readers’ favorite game of 2013). And now, to celebrate its towering artistic achievement in the medium of video games (and to promote the souped-up release of the game on PlayStation 4), Sony has announced a one-night-only live stage performance of scenes from the game called The Last Of Us: One Night Live.


Five of The Last Of Us’ principle actors—including leads Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson—will take to Santa Monica’s The Broad Stage on July 28 for a live reading under the direction of Neil Druckmann, one of the game’s lead creators. Also, Gustavo Santaolalla, the game’s acclaimed composer, will be on hand to perform his haunting score. “How this all fits together will remain a bit of a mystery until it happens,” wrote the event’s producer, Geoff Keighley.

Tickets were free but have already sold out. According to Keighley, though, “select portions of the program will be streamed live” via Twitch, YouTube, and something called the PlayStation Live Events Viewer for those of us who won’t be in attendance for this live reading of cinematic scenes from a video game.

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