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Vowing to not let Kirk Cameron save Christmas all on his own, Sony Pictures Animation has announced that it’s going to make an animated movie based on the Nativity story. For anyone unfamiliar with it, this is the classic Bible adventure in which a virgin mother gives birth to the son of God in a manger on what will eventually be called Christmas day. This comes from The Wrap, which reports that the film will be titled The Lamb and that it will “feature both laughs and heart, as well as an all-animal cast.” Now, laughs and heart are good, but the all-animal cast raises some questions. For example, does that mean it will be about the birth of an animal Jesus? Or will the story just focus specifically on the animals who are gracious enough to sacrifice some of their straw so the human Jesus can be born somewhere relatively comfortable?


Either way, Sony reportedly hopes it will be an “inspiring, respectful and entertaining take” on the story that many Christians consider fairly important, and also that it will be “accessible to a broad audience.” Well, as accessible as Christmas itself is, presumably, which somewhat limits The Lamb’s appeal in certain areas of the world. At the very least, though, it’s about time someone turned a story from the Bible into a movie or TV show. That’s certainly something that never, ever happens.

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