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Sony to follow The Emoji Movie with one about an actual killer app

The Emoji Movie (Image: Sony Pictures)

Sony is pretty hot on this crazy “cell phone” stuff everyone’s talking about these days, as indicated by its animated comedy The Emoji Movie and now with another, less-comedic film about the fun of apps. Titled /Reddoor (which is an awful name), the project is about “a young journalist who discovers the new app game he is reviewing has the ability to kill the player once they’ve entered the game world.” In other words, it’s sort of like the “you die in real life” bit from The Matrix, but about a video game instead (and not one of those lousy Matrix video games). This all comes from Deadline, which says /Reddoor is “said to be in the spirit of The Ring and Ready Player One,” and that its plot will also involve the heroic journalist trying to “stop the game” before he and his sister are killed by it.

Hopefully, the film will end with the journalist publishing a viciously negative review of the game while readers tell him how wrong and stupid he is in the comments.


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