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Sony reimagines Robin Hood as a Sony property

Inspired by the 23rd anniversary of the last time anyone had strong opinions about a Robin Hood movie, Sony is reportedly working on its own “reimagining” of the classic tale, heroically robbing from the rich public domain to give to the poor producers, with no franchise yet to call their own. Little is known about this new Robin Hood, which arrives just four years after Ridley Scott reimagined Robin Hood as being deadly dull, and amid various other recent pitches. These include The CW’s reimagining of Robin Hood as something that could attract Hunger Games fans; and NBC’s Robin Hood And Marian, which reimagines the story as something you could graft the word “Beyoncé” onto and feel as though you’ve done your job. All that is known for sure about Sony’s new Robin Hood is that it’s “set in the world of Robin Hood,” a fantastical place known as “England.”


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