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Sony pushes The Dark Tower back to summer 2017

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It looked like Sony had silenced all the naysayers who were confident that an adaptation of The Dark Tower would never actually make it into theaters. The Stephen King-based project’s picked up lot of traction over the last year, lining up Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey to play Roland Deschain and the Man In Black, respectively, back in March. Then came the release date, set photos, and Jackie Earle Haley villain (we assume). Most recently, director Nikolaj Arcel clarified some basic plot points, as well as whether the film is a sequel to the books or a direct adaptation.

“Great,” we all thought. “Now all we have to do is wait until February 2017.” Never mind that, despite it already being autumn, a proper trailer hadn’t been released. Eager fans took comfort in the Entertainment Weekly cover stories instead. Well, they might want to sit down for this bit of news, because EW is now reporting that The Dark Tower’s premiere has been bumped back to summer 2017. But before you completely wilt, just know that the film’s already in post-production, where it awaits some snazzy FX and stuff to make it a proper epic. The February 2017 release was just too tight a deadline, but with the debut now scheduled for next summer, devotees can all breathe a little easier—that is, before holding their breath for a trailer.


[via Screenrant]

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