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Sony picks up Robert Rodriguez’s live-action Fire And Ice remake

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Sony has been in the news a lot lately, and it would be strange to write an article about it without mentioning that—even if it’s not really relevant—so here it is: Something something The Interview. Something something James Franco and Seth Rogen. Something something North Korea. With that out of the way, let’s move on.


As reported by Deadline, Sony has picked up Robert Rodriguez’s remake of Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s 1983 fantasy movie Fire And Ice. The original was made with Bakshi’s usual rotoscoping animation style, but Rodriguez’s version will be live-action. Deadline says it will be “as much an homage to Frazetta as Sin City was to the graphic artistry of Frank Miller,” though, so it will almost certainly have some kind of flashy, Sin City-style visual gimmickry—at least in the sense of it probably going out of its way to have every shot look as much like a Frazetta painting as possible.

Rodriguez first picked up the rights to remake Fire And Ice back in 2010, with the deal being announced only 10 days after Frazetta’s death. Rodriguez talks a big game, though, and after no visible progress on his version of Fire And Ice after over a year, Rodriguez showed up at Comic-Con and reminded everyone that he was still working on it. With Sony on board now, though, it seems like the project is actually moving forward. Deadline says Rodriguez hopes to start preproduction by summer next year, so now we can start discussing who should be cast as Mostly Naked Barbarian Man and Mostly Naked Barbarian Girl. How about Danny Trejo for either one?

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