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Sony picks up Blade Runner sequel, which is definitely happening

Blade Runner

We’ve previously reported that Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford have both signed on to star in a sequel to Blade Runner, but since projects like that have a tendency to not happen, one might be a little hesitant to believe that those casting reports are anything but an excuse to get fans worked up. Now, though, the Blade Runner sequel is actually moving forward, albeit very slowly. According to Hitfix, Sony has picked up the worldwide distribution rights to the movie, which—combined with Warner Bros.’ commitment to handle U.S. distribution—basically means that the project will actually happen. Not only that, but in Sony’s announcement about picking up the rights, it once again confirmed that Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford will star in the sequel, with Ford inexplicably reprising his role as Rick Deckard, a guy who was totally a robot and therefore should’ve died after the end of the first movie. Sicario’s Denis Villeneuve is also still attached to direct, and principal photography is set to begin in July, another important indicator that the movie is really happening.


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