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Sony may have found a director for its next Spider-Man movie

Even after firing both its former co-chair Amy Pascal and now ex-head of Sony Pictures Animation Bob Osher, Sony still has a ways to go in recovering from the expensive and embarrassing hack that brought its systems to a standstill and made everyone really care about The Interview late last year. But Sony still has Spider-Man, and, although it’s taking things slow, is moving forward on what it hopes will be a journey of healing both for the studio and fans who never got a chance to properly mourn after Spider-Man 3.

As part of that healing process, Sony is now reportedly in talks with The Cabin In The Woods director Drew Goddard—who was previously attached to another Sony superhero movie, the Spider-Man spinoff The Sinister Six—to write and direct its next Spider-Man movie due in July 2017. This is far from a sure thing, and Spider-fans are encouraged not to rush into commitment with Goddard, who previously left Netflix’s Daredevil show to direct The Sinister Six. But considering The Sinister Six may not be happening at this point—at the very least it’s been delayed by Sony’s recent deal with Marvel—Goddard could very well be in the Spider-director’s chair come next year.


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