Angelina Jolie in Salt

Before The Americans ushered in a new era of Soviets-as-antagonists (with a little help from a certain shirtless equestrian), Angelina Jolie took over for Tom Cruise in the 2010 action film Salt, which saw her play a Russian sleeper-agent who’d infiltrated the CIA as one of many mythical KGB agents known as KAs. The moral of the film—that spies, as exceptionally telegenic Americans, are just like us—could be retold on the small screen, as ScreenDaily is reporting that Sony Pictures is looking to adapt the film for TV audiences in Europe.

For those unfamiliar with the film, here’s the gist: As Evelyn Salt, Jolie evades all forms of law enforcement after doing a great at-home dye job and milking a spider for its venom. She proves to be the most proficient of covert operatives, merging the grueling training received from Mother Russia with an old-fashioned American can-do spirit, sort of like Natasha Romanova after the Avengers had gotten a hold of her. It’s never made exactly clear where Salt’s loyalties lie, but she offers to kill a bunch of Russian spies by film’s end, so all destruction of churches and buildings in the nation’s capital is forgiven.


Salt received generally favorable reviews and netted almost $300 million at the box office; Sony’s currently pitching the adaptation at the European Film Market, with one executive telling ScreenDaily that the goal is to “bring it to Europe in a completely different way.” There’s currently no word on casting, but Jolie was once in talks to reprise the role when a sequel loomed way back in 2011. Salt is the latest Jolie-led action film to be considered for adaptation, as Eyeworks USA and New Regency announced plans for a Mr. & Mrs. Smith-inspired game show last year.