Broad City

Sony has emerged victorious in a heated bidding battle over the latest project from Broad City writers and executive producers Paul Downs and Lucia Aniello. The R-rated comedy spec is set to be directed by Aniello. Downs, who also appears in Broad City as Trey, will star in the feature film. While there is no logline available yet, the script is said to be a mixture of Weekend At Bernie’s and The Hangover, because all R-rated, female-driven comedies made post-Hangover are doomed to forever be likened to The Hangover.

The Broad City dream team was recently hired to pen an upcoming all-ladies version of 21 Jump Street, which is also a Sony project. According to Deadline, Sony fought hard for this new Downs and Aniello project, with Fox, Universal, Paramount, and MRC also throwing their hats in the ring.