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Sony is trying to resurrect Starman


Taking a page from John Carpenter’s beloved 1984 film, Sony has announced that it’s resurrecting Starman, whether anyone wants it to or not. The studio has tapped Night At The Museum director Shawn Levy for the reimagining of Carpenter’s movie, in which an alien clones and inhabits the body of a dead man, and then falls in love with his wife, because not even extraterrestrial life is immune to the charms of mid-’80s Karen Allen.

Levy’s last film was the most recent Museum movie; meanwhile, his screenwriter, Arash Amel, also scripted the 2014 flop Grace Of Monaco, which eventually slunk its way into a non-theatrical release. In other words, this is a team with a lot of experience in trying to breathe some life into dead bodies and inert objects, experience that should serve them well as Starman 2: Star Harder moves closer to fruition.


[via Variety]

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