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Sony is planning an I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot

Temporarily squashing hopes for the fourth installment in the series, I Vaguely Remember What You Did Last Summer, Sony Pictures has announced that it will reboot the 1997 slasher flick I Know What You Did Last Summer for a whole new generation of doomed youngsters. (There was a fourth film, Who Cares What You Did Last Summer, Let’s Kill Some Teenagers, but it’s not considered canon.)

Like the 1997 original, the reboot will be based on Lois Duncan’s 1973 anti-drunk driving PSA disguised as a horror novel. However, writing and producing duties will be handled this time around by Mike Flanagan, who made a tidy profit for Sony earlier this year with Oculus. A director and actors have yet to be found for the rebooted version, but considering the original starred Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, it’ll probably be some kids from The CW. Sony has put a high priority on the project, and plans on pushing it through quickly for a 2106 release.


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