With the nagging rapidity of iOS update reminders, news of Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic problems has been frequent. At various points, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, and Michael Fassbender were each rumored to be starring as Apple’s co-founder/Chief Turtleneck Officer. David Fincher was attached to direct, but departed and was replaced with Danny Boyle. Now The Hollywood Reporter has news of more turbulence; Sony is dropping the biopic entirely, with Boyle reportedly moving on to another project.

Sick of constantly having to download new add-ons, Sony seems to have given up in frustration and is now shopping the project around to other studios. Perhaps the long-term business strategy of Sony working on an Apple-related project has finally been called into question. Doesn’t anybody want a biopic of Nobutoshi Kihara, inventor of the Walkman?


Universal is said to be expressing some interest in the Aaron Sorkin script, but isn’t commenting publicly. Maybe it’s waiting to see if it can get an appointment at the Genius Bar.