Dick pic aficionado Carlos Danger/Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty Images, Spencer Platt)

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has just bought the rights to a screenplay that is either going to get a new title in a heartbeat or it’s going to be stuck with its current title forever because it perfectly encapsulates the script’s entire plot. That title, as indicated by the headline of this story, is Love In The Time Of Dick Pics—a perfect Be Sharps-esque joke that seems funny at first but gets less funny every time you hear it. Deadline says the screenplay is the debut feature from Nicole Larson, a writer who has worked on Melissa And Joey and This Is Us, and it’s about “how hard it is to find the right person in a sea of options that range from polite, to lewd, to nude.”

That brings us to the other problem with putting “dick pics” in the title of your movie: People are gonna want to see some dicks. Snakes On A Plane had snakes on a plane, so Love In The Time Of Dick Pics better feature at least one pic of a dick.