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Sony conjures up a remake of The Craft

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In 1996, The Craft taught us that witch covens were out, and witch cliques were in. Then Charmed came along at The WB, suddenly witch cliques were out, and witch sisters were in. Of course, American Horror Story: Coven brought covens back into style, so we’re almost full circle. Circles are, of course, the preferred enclosure for spellcasting.

Perhaps trying to stay ahead of witch social hierarchy trends, Sony believes that the time is right to bring back witch frenemies as The Hollywood Reporter brings word of a planned Craft remake. Leigh Janiak, who made her directorial debut with last year’s Honeymoon—a horror movie that should convince newlyweds everywhere to take a staycation—is being tapped to write and helm the rebooted version. Honeymoon was co-written by Janiak and Phil Graziadei; the two are expected to collaborate on the Craft remake script.

The original cohort of weirdos was played by Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, and Rachel True, while Skeet Ulrich played their meathead football-playing nemesis. A remake 20 years opens the door for the original cast to act alongside the new generation, 21 Jump Street-style. And who knows—maybe with Janiak at the helm, these St. Benedict’s Academy witches will gain some control over their lives using their magical powers, but without going crazy and turning on each other at the end.

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