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It looks like Mark Millar isn’t the only guy who can sell the movie rights to a comic book that hasn’t been released yet. According to Deadline, Sony has just picked up the rights to make an adaptation of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Descender—the first issue of which comes out in March. The book comes from Image Comics, and it’s “a sprawling space opera odyssey” about a robot boy named TIM-21 who has some kind of robot DNA that has something to do with bad robots killing people all over the universe. In other words, comic books! Lemire and Nguyen seem happy about the deal, saying in a statement that they “know that [Sony’s] film translation will do justice to the original comics.”

Unproven comic books like Descender are always a hot commodity for Hollywood, because while they may lack the built-in fanbase of your Spider-Mans and Supermans, they also don’t have any of that fanboy baggage. Sony can do whatever it wants with Descender and nobody will go on the Internet to complain about differences between the movie and the comic. No, just kidding. Of course they will.


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