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Sony and Square Enix developing live-action Final Fantasy TV series encompassing the entire franchise

Screenshot: Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix)

Here’s a bold endeavor: Sony Pictures Television is developing a live-action Final Fantasy TV adaptation with Japanese developer Square Enix, one that won’t focus on one specific game, but rather the entirety of the 30-year old franchise. This comes via Variety, who, despite having no official details on the show’s story, say that the word on the street is it will tell “an original story set in the fantastic world of Eorzea,” the setting of the series’ 14th installment.

Eorzea, however, will serve as a hub for “a blend of new familiar faces” from “across the franchise’s long history.” Variety reports that one of them will be Cid, which is hilarious considering just about every Final Fantasy game has a different, distinctive character named Cid.


The series will reportedly “explore the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict,” which, duh, this is Final Fantasy. Also expect to see airships, chocobos, magitek, and beastmen—there’s no mention of moogles, to which we offer a stern “kupo!”

Give us Shadow or we riot. 

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