Only days after generating a flurry of news stories for castigating AMC over its mismanagement of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, pinning the blame for the network’s financial woes on Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner, and generally calling everyone involved gutless for not telling the truth, Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has decided that maybe access to an unfiltered, instant public address system like Twitter isn’t such a good thing. Sutter left his Twitter account—which he also recently used to blame his show’s Emmy snub on an aging, corrupt, “profiteering douchebag Academy”—after tweeting a farewell of sorts, saying, “Me having an instantaneous outlet for my darker impulses is not a good thing. I'm a guy who needs filters. Lots of them. It seems that my opinions turn into headlines and my black humor turns into tabloid fodder.”

Nevertheless—as he’s doing right now!—Sutter will continue to generate headlines and tabloid fodder through his blog, where he’s already explained his exit from Twitter as “self-preservation” out of the fear that “eventually, I would have said something that got me or someone else buried in a suffocating pile of irrevocable toxic man shit," toxic man shit being among the types of shit that are especially hard to revoke. He’s also reposted an article from our own Myles McNutt examining how the supposed scandal over Sutter’s tweets says less about Sutter’s actual statements than it does about Twitter as the media’s go-to forum for creating articles out of absolutely nothing, just to fill the space of a slow August news day. As one of those forums, thanks Kurt Sutter!