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Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter making a comedy about clowns, assassins, and '80s rock stars

With his motorcycle Macbeth series Sons Of Anarchy likely drawing to a close in its seventh season, creator Kurt Sutter is already looking ahead to what else he can do for FX and people who are not crybaby pussies. TV Line reports that Sutter recently sold the network on a pilot script for Diva. Clown. Killer., a Sutter-described half-hour "absurd, dark comedy" that concerns a washed-up female rock star from the '80s, her dysfunctional birthday party clown son, and an assassin who also fits in there somehow, no doubt contributing much of the "murder and mayhem" he says is the heart of the show. Sutter is, of course, already considering his wife Katey Sagal for the "diva" role. "Wait, isn't Diva. Clown. Killer. basically just the same premise as Benson?" you're probably asking. No. Those are very different shows.


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