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Sons Of Anarchy spin-off recruits a Fast & Furious cast member

Fast & Furious

FX has agreed to take Kurt Sutter’s Sons Of Anarchy spin-off for a spin, ordering a pilot for the series that has yet to find its lead. Mayans MC will center on EZ Reyes, a Mayans prospect who will juggle “his personal life,” seeking “revenge against a Mexican drug cartel,” and whatever hazing the club throws at him. The search for an actor to play EZ is ongoing, but Edward James Olmos recently joined the cast as his father, Felipe, a “once-strong patriarch.”

Now Deadline reports that a Fast & Furious alum has rolled up to the production: John Ortiz, who costarred in two installments of the Vin Diesel-powered franchise. Ortiz will play the president of the Mayans MC South Padre chapter, Esai “Taino” Osorio. Taino grew up with his cousin Marcus, who became the founder and National President of Mayans MC, and they’re both as “smart as [they are] deadly.”


Sutter co-created the series with Elgin James, and the two will executive produce it for FX. No word yet on when Mayans MC is expected to premiere.

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