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Sons Of Anarchy might still get that prequel series

Sons Of Anarchy might not have an ending yet, but that long-rumored prequel is still in the works. SOA creator Kurt Sutter told critics at the TCA press tour that he is still considering doing some sort of prequel for the show—something that was first teased in 2012—but that it would “probably be a one-off.” Sutter says he would consider a 10-episode miniseries model, akin to something like Fargo. Sutter also said he doesn’t think the prequel would go on for very long, saying he doesn’t “think it’s a full blown five-season series.”

Sons Of Anarchy enters its seventh and final season later this year, and Sutter says he’s not quite sure where the show will wind up specifically, though he’s “always had a sense of where [he] wanted it to go.” He told press that the new season picks up 10 days after the season six finale, with Jax on a mission to avenge Tara’s death. Viewers shouldn’t expect to actually see the Jax’s dearly departed wife, though, with Sutter noting that Sons doesn’t “really do flashbacks.”


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