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Sons Of Anarchy might get a prequel, already has Joel McHale

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During a Comic-Con appearance, Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter's dropped more hints about the possibility of doing a prequel that would cover the formation and early days of the show's motorcycle club. He first floated the idea during PaleyFest—an appearance which Deadline said “had to set an unofficial PaleyFest panel record for most number of times the word ‘fuck’ and permutations of the word… were uttered”—and he's since brought it up with the network. Sutter has said that the prequel will be a vastly different, "more political and socially historical kind of show,” but that he won’t be giving it his full attention until Sons ends its run. Seeing as Sutter recently signed a deal with FX that will likely keep the show going through at least a seventh season, he should have plenty of time to work out any kinks.


At Comic-Con, Sutter also unveiled a seven-minute preview of SOA’s fifth-season premiere (coming up on September 11). Actually, it was seven minutes minus 30 seconds: Footage of “a sex scene involving Katey Sagal and season guest star Jimmy Smits” was blacked out after Comic-Con organizers deemed it “too explicit.” (Which tells you just what a rebel Kurt Sutter is: He shows up at publicity events armed with previews that are too hot to preview.) And Smits isn't the only confirmed guest star this season: TV Line reports that Joel McHale will also be on hand as “Warren, a handsome con man who picks the wrong person to double-cross.” Sagal, who’s married to Sutter, has already gone to Twitter to confirm McHale’s presence on the set, posting the above photo that suggests that he’s probably enjoying his break from working with Chevy Chase.

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