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In 2010, Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter responded to a lawsuit accusing FX of stealing the idea for his series from Chuck Zito, the former Hells Angels president turned Oz actor, by calling Zito a “delusional bitch” and a “bitter, juvenile gnat.” It was, in Kurt Sutter terms, a measured, diplomatic response that bordered on obsequious. But time and cathartically spraying vituperative rage across the whole of social media on an hourly basis heals all wounds, apparently. Sutter soon took down the blog, which he now calls a “vicious, arrogant response” in which he “said some incredibly inflammatory and hurtful shit about a guy I never met or even talked to”—an isolated episode that’s differentiated from all the other times Kurt Sutter talks shit about people he doesn’t know, because in this instance, Sutter eventually met the guy and actually listened to him.


Sutter’s change of heart occurred during his own deposition, where he got to see firsthand that Zito “wasn't some dick trying to squeeze Fox or fuck me over,” but rather someone who “truly believed he was owed recompense.” Unfortunately for Zito, that recompense never came, and the lawsuit was dismissed, but at least those posturing bygones appear to be posturing bygones: Sutter recently had lunch with Zito, apologized for his blog, found common ground through their “mutual friends in and around the outlaw world,” then ultimately buried the hatchet by offering Zito a part on Sons as “a bad ass Nomad from NYC” who will “add a little Sinatra bling to the table.” So, all’s well that ends well, and with open admission of “douchebaggery.” Hopefully this means that, someday, a plum Sons Of Anarchy part awaits our own contributor Ryan McGee and/or McG, both of whom Sutter says he hates now. Maybe they could play brothers!

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