Sons Of Anarchy is closing in on its series finale, but loyal SAMCRO fans will have an opportunity to hold onto the show as Entertainment Weekly brings word that ScreenBid is going to auction off official props and costumes from the set of Kurt Sutter’s biker drama. Despite over 750 items being auctioned, the club’s famous table is not available, suggesting that Sutter may be angrily blogging and tweeting from his very own Reaper desk. You’ll have to be content with the gavel. According to Screenbid, the auction doesn’t open until Friday.

The full roster of items will be posted after the finale airs on December 9, but many props are already online so fans can preview, covet, and justify bidding on Unser’s Airstream trailer. Other memorabilia on auction includes:

With so many disguises, body parts, weapons, and legal documents up for grabs, there’s plenty here for hardcore Sons fans, committed pranksters, or simply for framing that guy over in the Finance department who’s always being difficult.