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Sonic Youth makes an eerily good soundtrack for Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Remixed (Screenshot: Vimeo)

Sometimes, the internet acts like a brilliant pop-culture sommelier, suggesting perfect little audio-visual pairings that people might not otherwise have considered. Such is the definitely the case with Twin Peaks Remixed,” a video by artist and musician Steve Collender that deftly combines clips from the first two seasons of David Lynch’s surrealist noir mystery show with the Sonic Youth version of “Superstar,” a song co-written by the late Leon Russell. In reality, this mashup could not have occurred during Twin Peaks’ original run on ABC. Sonic Youth recorded the track for a Carpenters tribute LP in 1994, about three years after the Lynch series went off air. But Sonic Youth’s “Superstar” is perfect for the Lynch universe nevertheless. It’s simultaneously sexy and weird, contrasting a pretty melody with a jarring, distorted arrangement. Better yet, it moves at a languorous, dreamy pace, just like most Lynch productions.


Twin Peaks Remixed (Sonic Youth - Superstar) from Steve Collender on Vimeo.

Collender doesn’t skimp on another hallmark of Twin Peaks: its unabashed eroticism. For a network TV show from the early 1990s, this was pretty steamy stuff. The use of “Superstar” on the soundtrack makes it all seem very sensual rather than sordid or sleazy. Maybe, before that promised third season drops in 2017, Lynch might want to give Thurston Moore a call.

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