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Sonic The Hedgehog director pledges to "fix" his fucked-up mammal son

Illustration for article titled iSonic The Hedgehog/i director pledges to fix his fucked-up mammal son
Screenshot: Sonic The Hedgehog

Responses to this week’s first major trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie have been decidedly mixed, with reactions ranging from “Oh, hey, Jim Carrey looks like he’s having fun” to “OH GOD, THE TEETH, WHY DOES THE HEDGEHOG HAVE HUMAN TEETH?! THEY BITE ME IN MY DREEEEEEAAAMS.” Which isn’t exactly what you’re aiming at, typically, when you’re launching a brand new face for a billion-dollar media franchise.

But don’t worry, newly forged Sonic-phobes: Director Jeff Fowler has heard your pleas and/or screams to an uncaring god, and he’s promised to fix the horror he’s already wrought. Fowler went on Twitter today and acknowledged that he’s #gottafixitfast, because nothing says “Our media roll-out is going well” like a quickly forged damage control hash-tag. Of course, when Fowler says “he” is going to fix all the things wrong with Sonic and his dead, beady little eyes, he presumably actually means the movie’s animators, who we have to assume have already survived a truly grueling process of notes, revisions, and stiff, soul-bolstering drinks to get the character to its current incarnation, and will now have to follow a million different Twitter users’ guidelines about how to make it “better”.


So remember, passionate fans: Angrily complaining about things on the internet works! Meanwhile, Fowler failed to note if the film would also stick with Ben Schwartz as the voice of the beloved blue speedster, or if producers might end up defaulting to their original choice, instead:

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