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Illustration for article titled iSonic The Hedgehog/i delayed until next year amid redesign, dental work
Screenshot: Sonic The Hedgehog

We did it. We made fun of Sonic’s svelte frame, weird muscles, and fat fuckin’ teeth so much that director Jeff Fowler himself announced that changes would be made to the design of the animated hedgehog. In the wake of that announcement, it’s now been revealed that these changes have resulted in the film being pushed from November 8 to February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day?


Still, though, while Sonic’s design was uncanny in its oddness and fun as hell to bag on, it’s insane that anybody would be so angry about the 16-bit hedgehog as to demand an entirely new design. Now, a swath of designers and no shortage of other staffers members have to rejigger their schedules and work through the holidays to ensure Sonic’s got the proper damn incisors in a movie that everyone—except, of course, the intended audience of kids who wouldn’t have cared about the previous design—will probably still hate anyways. Of course, that’s on the producers, who actually decided to acquiesce to a grousing, faceless internet. You didn’t see McDonald’s do that when they introduced a Happy Meal with the thickest set of dentures you’ve ever seen.

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