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Son Of Zorn asks you to use your imagination in an exclusive featurette

Son Of Zorn

Flesh and blood people have been acting opposite cartoons for a while now, so what the stars of Fox’s new show Son Of Zorn have to contend with is nothing Bob Hoskins didn’t deal with years earlier. However, a new featurette for the sitcom about a super-buff warrior (Jason Sudeikis) with animated pecs and his extended family breaks down exactly how the living and 2D worlds of the show are integrated.

Zorn has a human stand-in named Dan Lippert, who rehearses with the actors. Then Lippert leaves and the guessing game begins. “Then you’re trying to remember where Zorn was standing and then where he went and imagining what Zorn’s doing,” Cheryl Hines explains. “You have to stay focused.” Cue video in which Hines, who plays Zorn’s ex-wife, appears to be hugging air. The series premieres September 25.


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