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Sometimes the casting process works: Jon Bernthal cast as The Punisher on Daredevil

Jon Bernthal in Mob City

Sure, it’s important for Marvel’s Daredevil to have solid casting for its good guys—your Foggy Nelsons and your Karen Pages—but if Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin (sorry, Mr. Wilson Fisk) has taught us anything, it’s that the perfect casting can turn a show’s villain into the main reason for tuning in. And while this may not be a villain per se, he’s certainly not anyone’s idea of a “good” guy. Deadline reports that Jon Bernthal has been cast as The Punisher for season two of the Netflix series about the blind hero of Hell’s Kitchen, and it’s basically the best casting choice yet.

Bernthal has been great in everything from The Walking Dead to The Wolf Of Wall Street to his turn as a tattooed social studies teacher in this week’s Me And Earl And The Dying Girl. Presumably, his gun-toting antihero will show the Daredevil audience that Matt Murdock isn’t even close to crossing that ethical line by comparison. His vigilante will be appearing in season two of the show. And sure, that’s still a full year away, but let’s be honest: When it comes to the announcement-to-arrival gaps in “Marvel time,” that’s practically next week.


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