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Something very bad is coming in this teaser for Doctor Who's New Year's Day special

We just heard that Jodie Whittaker would be sticking around for at least another season on Doctor Who, and to celebrate we now have a teaser for her very first special since becoming the Doctor. Unlike in previous years, the special will air on New Year’s Day instead of Christmas, but it looks like it should be just as big and eventful as the usual Christmas episodes—even if this tells us the bare minimum about the special. The whole thing is based around the Doctor warning that there’s some great and terrifying evil that is preparing to destroy the planet Earth from throughout history, and just as she’s about to name this terrible evil, the trailer ends. Is it Daleks? Is it some new form of the Master? Is it those lizard people? The stocky potato aliens that breathe through the back of their neck? We’re obviously meant to assume it’s some famous enemy, otherwise it wouldn’t make a difference for the Doctor to name the evil in this teaser, but there’s no guarantee it’ll actually be a monster we’ve heard of.

It’s a fairly frustrating teaser because of that, but it’s not like anyone’s going to skip the special because of that. What else are you doing on New Year’s Day but watching TV?

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